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Major PolyDMDAAC Applications You Must know

by Darlene

PDMDAAC, known in full as Poly Dimethyl Diallyl Ammonium Chloride, is a chemical containing a strong cationic group of radicals. It is one of the top-selling products by Iro Chemicals because of its numerous applications in various industries. This chemical is essential in multiple industries, such as mining, wastewater treatment, and paper manufacturing. Understanding its applications will help you understand why it is crucial. So, let us look at some of the standard applications of PolyDMDMAAC.

Applications of PolyDMDAAC

Below are some standard applications of PDMDAAC:

1. PolyDMDAAC for water treatment

One of the primary applications of PolyDMDAAC is as an agent for water treatment. Therefore, it is applied in several industrial areas where water treatment is necessary, like waste treatment centers. Furthermore, you can use PDMDAAC as a treatment agent for drinking water and the domestic sewage system.

As a water treatment agent, PolyDMDAAC helps remove ink, discoloration, fat, blood, and other food processing wastes found in water. Additionally, it can successfully eliminate oil from industrial water systems. All these elements explain why it is an effective agent for treating water.

2. PolyDMDAAC for paper manufacturing

PDMDAAC is also an essential product in the paper manufacturing industry. Practitioners in this sector use PDMDAAC as an absorbing agent against pulp, which helps in white water recovery. PolyDMDAAC also serves as a filler retention agent and helps improve the strength of the manufactured paper.

Additionally, practitioners in the paper-making industry use PDMDAAC to improve the antistatic elements in paper. This element ensures that users can write on paper quickly. Furthermore, the paper manufacturing sector combines PDMDAAC with other chemicals like acrylic acid and acrylamide to create a strengthening additive for paper manufacturing.

3. Mining and mineral processing

PolyDMDAAC is also widely applied as a cationic coagulant in the mining industry. A coagulant is a chemical that neutralizes the charges on colloidal particles, like clay. In simpler terms, cationic coagulants help destabilize the negative ions in clay to easen the mining or mineral processing procedure.

4. Oil extraction

PDMDAAC is also a common chemical used in oil extraction. Oil is usually extracted from the ground. So, since the ground is primarily made up of soil, and one of the most common types of soil is clay, PDMDAAC also functions as a charge destabilizer or cationic coagulant. PDMDAAC functions as an acid fracturing cationic coagulant in mud treatment chemicals and water injection processes. It helps smoothen the oil extraction process from the ground and its treatment, which includes separating it from other substances, like soil and water.


Apart from the applications mentioned above, PolyDMDAAC is also commonly used for dye leveling, an additive in shampoos, dye retention, fabric treatment, and as a fixative in the textile sector. Additionally, it is a popular chemical in the daily chemical industries. For instance, when PDMDAAC is added to shampoos, its cationic surfactant properties help make the shampoo more efficient. For example, this chemical promotes smoother and shinier hair. So, using a shampoo with PDMDAAC will make your hair easy to comb and manage. As complex as this chemical may sound, you will be shocked to discover its applications in your daily life.

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