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Detailers Love Giraffe’s Pressure Washer; Find out Why You Should Love It Too

by Darlene

Most pressure washer brands release massive power that blasts out grime effectively. But, only a few come close to Giraffes. It features a well-thought-out design that combines pressure. And the sleek design is effective on dirt.

Giraffe’s pressure washer thrives on excellent psi. And a capable engine producing desirable pressure. But when you are out to find a better way to boost pressure, a pressure washer tank setup should be on the cards.

The tank setup enhances pressure allowing you to go slow on gas. In some cases, gravity supplies pressure enough to clean delicate services.

As you can see, the giraffe’s pressure washer is never short of surprises. Read on to discover more benefits.

Giraffe’s pressure washer Key features

You can feed water from a tank or any nearby reservoir

The powerful machine use a robust engine to siphon water from nearby storage. And a good tank setup gives the engine a desirable boost. It is crucial for sending high pulses, thus relieving the engine from too much struggle.

It doesn’t imply it is ineffective with low gravity. It has an excellent setup consisting of a hose pipe and plungers. The arrangement catalyzes pressure whenever water hits the plunger. And the process winds up with incredible pressure on the wand.

Incredible cleaning power

General cleaning requires a relatively low PSI. Anything in the range of 1200-1900 works fine. You’ll love the giraffe’s power washer. It has a powerful engine and a great wand working in synch to deliver  excellent cleaning power.

And if you worry about the safety of your surfaces, it takes care of that too. It comes with varying nozzles that allow you to switch. You’ll find at least for types of nozzles. The small degree one is a high precision type. It can tear a surface, and you should use it with caution. Hold it away from the surface to minimize damage.

Commercial detailers fancy the gas-powered washer because of its cleaning prowess. With over 2200 Psi, it delivers excellent washing power. Such power is ideal for commercial enterprises as it guarantees a thorough cleaning in the shortest turnaround time.

Compact and portable

Giraffe’s pressure washer is a stable unit. The compact structure features a well-thought organization that favors portability and storage. The hose wraps into the body, and the outlets sit far apart to ease access.

And if you want to steer clear of the pain of folding the hose, the 2-in-1 relieves you the hassle. It has a wall bracket to secure it to a surface and a retractable hose to enhance organization.

Types of Giraffe’s pressure washers

There are two distinct brands; Gas and electric pressure washer.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to go with an electric or power-enabled washer. Of course, they possess incredible differences. While an electric power washer is synonymous with gentle power, a gas-powered washer is super powerful.

It means that a power washer is handy for general cleaning. You can count on it to lift grime from decks, furniture, siding, and various wooden surfaces. It erases the worry of tears, because it offers a gentle cleaning to delicate surfaces.

But, a gas-powered washer is a dap hand on heavy-duty tasks. It releases the strong cleaning juice through the powerful engine. The high-range PSI combines with the cord pressure to chew piles of mud on driveways. And if you own a garage holding heavy vehicles, it will serve you well.


Does the giraffe’s pressure washer have a warranty?

Yes. It has a two-year warranty. You can raise your concerns, and the customer care agent is more than ready to assist you.

Can I order accessories that boost performance?

Of course, yes. Giraffe’s tools are a powerhouse for pressure washer accessories. You’ll find hoses, cords, brackets, and cord reels. And many more tools are essential for enhancing your pressure washer’s performance.

Bottom line

Giraffe’s pressure washer is ideal for both commercial and domestic cleaning. As such, there are two types of washers on the menu, a power and gas washer. A power washer is ideal for gentle cleaning, and the gas washer tackle heavy-duty cleaning.

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